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Exceptional designs are never made from throwing something “over the wall”. You are a core part of what makes the process work. We believe that our time together with you are partnerships, not projects.

Together, let’s change the way we think about agencies - let’s change the way we think about design.

faster than our competitors
cheaper than an on-staff designer
10 yrs
of digital product experience
projects completed to date
Join over 75 partners who have made the switch!
“Prior to working with Elleven, all we had was a name and a vague idea of of our brand. They helped us understand how to focus on the important aspects of our brand identity, and built not just a logo, but a compelling visual language that expresses our identity, and helps to instantly start building trust with potential clients."

Don Goodman-Wilson


“Elleven made a huge impact on the team and the product, beyond what we had initially brought them on board for. Right from the offset, they displayed an incredible insight into what we were trying to accomplish, and complimented their brilliant design skills with a fantastic understanding of the product, bringing new insights and decisions to the team."

Joshua Simpson

CTO, MedicTech.UK

“I love working with Elleven! They are professional, responsive, and sooo incredibly talented. They are really good at setting expectations, asking all the right questions, and delivers on time. Highly recommended!"

Elisabeth Hendrickson

CTO & Founder, Curious Duck Digital Labratories, LLC


User Research

User Personas
User Flows
Information Architecture
UI/UX Audits
User Stories
Design Systems

SAAS & Browser Responsive

Sketches & Wireframes
Low-Fidelity Designs
Source Figma Files
High-Fidelity Designs
Rapid Prototyping

Native Mobile

Onboarding Flows

Other Design Needs

Logos & Branding
Stationery & Print Brochures
Signage & Billboards
Social Media Graphics
Pitch Decks
Conference & Trade Show Banners
& more

Inclusive Pricing

Great design services are tailored and priced to the company and its product, not the other way around.

Logo & Branding
We’ve got you covered for a brand creation and a refresh.
Competitive Analysis & Positioning
Logo & Wordmarks
Colors, Icons, and Photography
Branding Guidelines
Social Media Assets
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Product Design
We can help with a brand new app or adding an additional feature to your product.
User Research
High Fidelity Designs
Click-through Prototypes
Defined Scope & Deliverables
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Unlimited Designs
We’ve been designing for over 10 years. All the experience - zero paperwork.
Unlimited User Research
Unlimited Wireframes & User Flows
Unlimited Low & High Fidelity Designs
Unlmited Graphic Design & Icons
Unlimited Requests & Revisions
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Why we’re better

3x Faster
50% Cheaper
Top Quality Work
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Finding top design talent is hard, takes forever, and can very expensive. Why does a logo package cost $50k? Can you trust someone offering a 10 screens for $100? The market is saturated with unreliable, inexperienced freelancers and overpriced, slow agencies.

At Elleven, we’ve been designing for over 10 years with hundreds of projects under our belt. We constantly evaluate the market to learn the latest design trends and to understand the fair market value of the services we offer.

Our designers have held titles of Senior, Principal, Staff, and Lead. Let us put that experience and industry knowledge at work for you and build something awesome together.


How we work with partners

Async Communication
Collaboration Environments
Feedback Driven Designs
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Everyone at Elleven has a vested interest in its success and the success of our partnerships. The designers and companies we work with all have a say in what gets created, operating under the definition of success we lay out at the beginning of our partnerships.

To increase chances of success and reduce unnecessary time on meetings, we prefer asyncronous communication methods. Comments, messages, screen-sharing videos with feedback allow us to work quickly and efficiently on everyone’s schedules.

Frequent and specific feedback is what drives fast and tailored designs.


What we can offer

Logo & Branding Work
Product Design
User Research & Strategy
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For the last 10 years, Elleven has been offering design services to companies and individuals of all types. We’ve worked in every industry: from Health & Wellness to People & Package Management. We have worked on designs, logos, and apps for companies at every stage.

We love solving problems with a user-centric approach. Stepping into the shoes of the user, we strive to understand what, why, when, where, and how a user accomplishes their goals through technology. We are educated and trained to tackle these problems using a variety of methods.

Put us to work for your users and let’s build something great together.


Who is our target partner?

0-1, Side Project, Stealth
Series A, B, C, D, E
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All of our internal design partners got their start in hackathons where speed and creativity is what set them apart from their competition. We understand how designs have the ability to take an idea from a founder’s brain into reality, and then beyond into realized recurring revenue.

Our target partner companies are in their beginning to middle stages of developing their strategy and product. They may only have sketches on a napkin or they have a developed project in the hands of users and are looking to add new features.

No matter where you are in this spectrum, we’d be glad to be your partner, partner.


When you can expect results

1-2 Business Days
Tailored Timelines
Monthly Subscriptions
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Exceptional designs delivered at the speed of your feedback.

We understand time is literally money and competitive advantage is real. We aim to show progress or handoff deliverables every 1-2 business days, regardless of the partnership type. We can also adapt to your preferred style. Some people prefer not to see how the sausage is made, and that’s okay too.

As part of our partnership agreement, we can decide what style works best for you and your team.

Still have more questions?

That’s totally cool! We’d be happy to answer anything you’d like to throw at us. You have questions - we probably have answers.

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